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Does anyone want my bees, isn't there a bee shortage?
I came home and found bees near my window. Does that matter?
I have a lot of flowers in my yard, does this encourage bees to move onto my property?
Why do bees keep returning?
What caused the bees choose my home?
I found bees going in and out of an area attached to the house. Can I just sealed it up?
What are killer bees?
The bees on my property seem very calm, can they become a problem?
What can I do to keep bees from returning in the future?
What will happen if a killer bee stings me?
A bee stung my child?
How to choose a bee company.

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Does anyone want my bees, isn't there a bee shortage?

Way back in the day :) beekeepers used to line up to collect your bees, however in the 1980's & 90's, there were two harsh changes in the industry causing many beekeepers to stop collecting stray hives, and also to abandon beekeeping altogether.

First, in the 80's diseases that were never around before began plaguing and killing the common honeybee. Second, bees have become much more aggressive due to the spread of africanized honeybees, (AHB) which crossed over from South America creating in the process a hybrid honeybee now stretching from Southern California to Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and several other states. For these two reasons, it's much harder to find a beekeeper that will remove your bees for free. For a brief history on honeybee removal and to view the AHB's progress visit the honey bee removal map. Bees in the structure of home or building can also be very difficult to remove.

I came home and found bees near my window, what's going on?

Often a phone call will come in with a home owner saying, "I have bees inside my house and up aginst the window" or "I came home and found dead bees near my window?"

In both cases bees are either scouting your home, determining if it's a place they want to move the swarm in to set up shop, or they already have moved in. In either case if it is new and they are honeybees it's important to call a specialist immediately, preferably an honest one. Many people leave it alone hoping they may go away, or they try spraying them, then when the bees disappear in the evening and the home owner doesn't see them before going to work in the morning. They may think the bees are gone. It's likely the bees simply went to sleep for the night and haven't started working yet in the morning. Learn more, about bees against the window or in the house, and how they're getting in.

I have a lot of flowers in my yard, is this causing the bees to move onto my property?

No, bees typically fly up to two miles away, sometimes even further, to gather nectar and pollen. The amount of shrubbery should have little or nothing to do with a hive moving onto the property.

Why do I keep getting bees?

You probably have bad luck. Just kidding! It's likely that the house or structure has a history of bee problems from someone extracting or killing the bees, and leaving the honeycomb in the wall, roof, chimney or other part of the structure.

Typically, a house will get bees about every 30 to 40 years, but if honeycomb from a hive is left in the walls, roof, or other structural void bees come back very frequently. One home owner that was referred to me began getting 5 hives a year. At that point, the best plan of action was to bee proof+ the majority of the house which is not the normal solution. Removing the beehive and honeycomb is an important step of the process. When bee-proofing a house, the sides to focus on are mostly those the sun rises toward. Visit our how to get rid of bees page for more self help on a specific area of where the bees are including chimney, owl box, basement and bees in wall.

Why did the bees choose my home?

Honeybees are somewhat random in their selection of where to start a hive, though there are some things we know. Prior hives left in walls will attract bees frequently. Eves, wall voids, and chimneys are the most common locations in a structure that bees will exploit. They only need one small hole or gap to get in!

Hornets, wasps, yellow jackets and bumble bees are unlike honeybees in that they are all overwintering critters - see wasp id chart. For the survival of their species, the queens must leave the nest and find a safe place to overwinter. In spring time these wasps and bumble bees are said to commonly return to the same or a nearby area.

I found honeybees going in and out of a hole in my wall. What if I seal it up really well?

It may work if the hive has not moved in already. This is a typical remedy applied by homeowners, along with using cans of wasp spay. If the hive has already moved in and the bees get sealed in, bee activity may dissipates for a few days, but nearly always reappears as the bees dig through the wall or void and resume their activity.

Occasionally the sealed up bees end up on the inside of the house. Trapped bees can survive for months before they deplete their honey reserves. If it were possible, to seal the bees in, normally the honey will begin to run down the structure, the smell can to attract rodents, bugs, and bees in the future. To solve the problem bee hive removal services nay be helpful, this means opening the area and removing the honey and the bees and the beeswax, as well as cleaning it. Learn more about bees in the wall attic, roof, or eave.

How can I tell if these bees are the killer bees?

The "killer bees" from old media was a largely over hyped, however bees should be respected as a part of nature, in fact all bees should be respected especially when they have a home nearby. Africanized bees look the same as European honeybees. There have been many fatalities from bees aggressively defending their home. In most cases, messing with the bees in hopes of making them go away will cause more problems than you started with. Generally, the bees attached to your house or on your property are docile unless they feel threatened. Stop by africanized honey bees to learn more on the migration of hybrid honeybees in the US.

More about dangerous bees.

Question, the bees on my property seem very calm and don't bother anybody. They're probably not killer bees right?

Good question. A new swarm of bees or bees building a hive, are not likely to sting. This is because they're busy building their hive, and don't have much honey or young to protect. This is true of both European honey bees and killer bees. Often people tell me, "The bees have always been friendly, but they've become very aggressive lately." There can be a few reasons for this, but the common one is that the hive has become more established and now they are protecting it. After summer, bees can be more aggressive as they are also protecting they honey they'll need to make it though the winter. Just because bees exhibit a friendly nature, unfortunately does not mean they are friendly bees. If you need bee removal call the US bee hotline. Visit honeybee removalfor a map of the spread of africanized bees provided by the USDA. This can help you know if africanized bees have reached your state.

My bees were always friendly when we walk by, but now they seem very protective and aggressive? The longer a beehive is left to themselves, the more they can become protective of their home. Honeybees in winter season and prior to spring, may behave more aggressively during this time of the year as most of the flowers and nectar sources are gone and they are protecting their means of survival tell spring. It has been said that hot weather can slightly have affect.

How can i keep from getting bees?

If you have recurring honeybee problems each year there may be several reasons why, the most common being that the bees are being attracted back by the smell from past hives, were perhaps it was not removed effectively or not removed at all. This could be in a chimney were a fire was lit and the honey has melted into the brick or it could simply be a bee hive that was killed on the side of the house. Learn more about preventing future bee infestations and how to keep bees away here.

What will happen if a killer bee stings me?

A killer bee sting has the same amount of bee toxin that a honeybee has, because it is a honeybee. European and africanized honeybees are equally painful and produce the same results; when stinging the ridged stinger tends to get caught in the skin and dislodge in the host causing the bee to die shortly thereafter. Wasps and bumblebees don't lose their stinger but may sting multiple times. Stings can be painful. When stung by a bee it is best to remove the stinger asap. If not removed and the small muscle is still attached to the stinger may plus for up to a minute which can increase the amount of swelling. Hybrid bees or africanized bees attack in greater numbers when they feel threatened or if their hive is disturbed. They also stay angry for much longer.

A honeybee stung my child, what should I do?

If stung by a honeybee, the barbed stinger typically gets stuck in the skin as the bee pulls away, dislodging it from the bee. The small muscle on the end of the dislodged stinger will continue to pump through the hollow needle-like stinger for up to one minute. The sooner the stinger is removed, the less swelling will occur.
Remove the stinger as soon as possible. When a child is stung, it hurts and they are scared. It can help to wash the area and apply something on it to absorb out moisture and if possible a bit the toxin. Some people apply a bit of baking soda mixed with a touch or water or a bit of mud. Perhaps the most important thing is that the child has confidence that he or she will be okay. A good remedy is to stay calm, be reassuring, and perhaps include a dose of TLC.

Studies have found that 15% to 20% of people who when asked, will say they're allergic to stings, yet medical evaluations find it's actually only about 1%. If you feel your child is allergic, seek immediate medical advice or attention.

Choosing a bee company

Many people may go there entire life without having to deal with a beehive. Because it's not common to get bees, finding the right solution can be a learning experience. It's always nice if you can have someone you trust refer you to a bee company for honeybee removal, if that is not possible, you're in right place here by doing some research. Some companies will use scare tactics or try to manipulate you into using their service. These companies may overcharge you and provide poor service. Calling a few companies and leaving messages, or requesting a callback online can also help. Here is some additional info if the bees are in the structure and cost is a concern.

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Bees in wall
Hopewell Junction, NY

I have what I think are baby bees in my laundry room, I saw 5 today! Are they getting in through the dryer vent? Is this a bigger problem than I think?

Beekeeper:  Yes ma'am this is a great question! As it would seem, your observations have served you well! This means that you have a beehive located somewhere within the structure of your home! Congratulations! You are now the owner of a fully functioning colony of honey bees! Live removal would be your best option :)

Todd Hamel
No Topic

Hey Bee Man! I have ground bees that bore tons of ant mound hole in my yard and flower beds. They return every year and it seems that thier numbers are increasing. These bees look very similar to a basic honey bee but they are different. I have never been stung by one but unfortunately I am very alerject to bees. I feel the need the get rid of them but I also love what they do for a living. Any thoughts?

Dead bees outside of my house
Dallas, TX

I was pulling weeds near a fence between my house and the neighbors house and noticed many Bee's start to swarm around the fence, appearing to be coming from the neighbors side. They appeared to be very agitated even though I was not threatening. I backed away about 12-15 feet and started pulling weeds again. One of the Bee's than came over and stung me without provocation. Could this mean it could be Killer Bees?

Beekeeper:  All U.S. bees are africanized now which means you may come in contact with aggressive bees or docile ones. Because of your particular situation, that swarm was in search for a new home. They stay in that formation because they are protecting their Queen at all times throughout that search. Seems like you got just a little too close. They should go away in a few days.

Debby Butler
Bee removal questions

Hello. I live on 5 acres. My home is a deep tan color with dark brown trim. My next door neighbor is a honey beekeeper and has many boxes for his fruit trees and gardens. We planted Leyland Cypress trees (42) at the property line. I have a huge covered patio and two small Yorkies. They potty on the patio and we rinse off their urine several times a day. The bees love their urine. This is so gross to know his honey has dog urine in it. They have been stung several times. Will potted eucalyptus plants help? We have used soapy water to clean the patio. I also read about cutting lemons and putting cloves in them. Also read about growing spearmint and peppermint. Any advise will be most helpful. Do we need to buy a smoker or something else to keep them away? We also have a large in ground pool. My neighbor does as well. The bees just seem to love the dog urine. Will these natural plants help? Please advise! Kindest regards, Debby

Claudia Saffer
Bees in ground
Morristown, NJ

Our front yard is covered in theses ground bees that have holes all over. Not sure how to get rid of them but we won't get mail and everyone is afraid to come to our front door. Photos included

Danielle Webster
No Topic
Ojai, CA

Just today I have six or seven bees in my house all of a sudden. Is this a cause for concern? I am not sure if I am allergic but the three times I have been stung over the years I have gotten ill and dizzy with major swelling of sting site. I am a bit worried. What should I do? Thank you.

Bee removal questions
Mesa, AZ

We had the hive and honeycomb removed today. There are still some bees around. Are they still going to be aggressive the next day? And will it be safe to let my dogs out there, since it was in my backyard?

Beekeeper:  Give it about a week until the remainder of the bees disappear, but yes the bees will be aggressive. This is because they are confused that their hive is missing. Please steer clear whenever you come in contact with any of them.

Katherine Lawrence
Bees in wall
Indianapolis, IN

live in Indianapolis, IN. 46219.
Best to send me a email for contact.

No Topic
Chicago, IL

My attic has bees.
They are round and black with a yellow stripe on the back.
Just today I noticed 2 of them entering a hole for the air conditioner water discharge tube.
How can I get rid of them?

Bees in house or on window
Mount Joy, PA

Hi I have a problem my mom was in the loundrey and i was with my dad I go to the kitchen and I come back to my room I saw a bee I say to y dad theres a bee in my room then my dad hit the hole where the bees are coming from then it was a lot of bees we dont know what to Do help me please

Bees in wall
Kingston, NJ

Hello, I'm not sure what I have-bumble bees, carpenter bees or neither of those. I hear noise early morning or later at night. I don't see many bees flying around any particular area to see where they are or are not going in. I sprayed and have tried to cover the area I thought they were going in, but I'm still hearing them. Could you help me diagnosis what I have and need to do?

Beekeeper:  Hi Kristine

Established bees in the wall will normally dig out when sealed in. Sometimes they dig the wrong way and end up in the house! (though they may typically not be to aggressive at that state in the house)e.
Your message was fwd to James, he can be of more assistance. You can reach him through the site 800 number.
PS a cellphone or email picture could help him if you prefer info over the phone.
- Good luck!

sandra james
Bees in wall

Front of our home, looks like they are entering holes in rock around window casing where foundation shift caused a hole to develop. We sprayed outside of wall with wasp spray, in hopes that these bees were scouting. We are continuing to do that.

Bee removal questions

I "bee"lieve there is beehive in the exterior side wall of our home. This particular exterior wall encloses our water heater so we also believe it is not a primary wall that would lead up into our attic so perhaps that may be good news. Bees can be seen buzzing in and out through a hole where a water faucet once was. We first noticed a few bees in December, but thought with winter coming the bees would find it cold and move on. Not the case. It's now spring and it is apparent that there is now a very active hive. We know how vital bees are to the environment, so we would like to remove them responsibly, though cost is a consideration. What would this cost? Please help.

Beekeeper:  Hi Carol,

Good question, sounds like honeybees.
The how to get rid of bees page has information on beeremoval prices.
Typically you will want to remove the bee nest and the honeycomb, or you can experiance recurring problems near that portion of the house.
Thanks for visiting.
You may also call the 800 number and be connected to a beekeeper/remover nearby.

Bees in wall
Dayton, OH

I believe I have a honey bee infestation in the front of my house. The honey bees are going in and out of what I think to be a weep hole under my living room window. I noticed 1 or 2 flying in and out last year but never saw anymore. I had called an exterminator to help identify the bee and he agreed it was a honey bee and said there was nothing they could do to help. After reading your website, I see they usually come out between the hours of 10 and 4 and we are not typically home then. That is probably why I have not seen more of them. My sister called me today and said there were several going in and out of the same hole as last year. I am not sure what to do at the point. I need to find out how to locate their hive within my wall and how to get rid of them.

I know you give free estimates, what would be an estimated cost of this kind of removal? Do you remove the honeycombs as well and clean up so no other bees or beetles will move in, in the future?

Beekeeper:  Hi Stephanie,
Sounds like your on the right track. There are likely 5,000 to 11,000 or many more bees living in that wall or roof area.
Yes removing and cleaning the area, as well as repair and bee proofing are important to solving the problem and from getting more bees in or near the roof or wall in the future.

For honeybees that is typically the only way to solve the problem. It takes a little more work than if the hive were just on the outside of the wall.
Looks like Jeff is closest to you, he would be able to help you. If you call the 800 number it should connect you to him.

Bees in house or on window
Aliso Viejo, CA

2nd time this happened over the years. open the garage, leave it open for maybe 20 minutes, and i have a bunch of bees swarming?? when i close the garage, more are trying to get in. i opened and closed it a few times, and now maybe there's just one or two. what is the story?

Beekeeper:  Hi Kelly,
RE: Bees buzzing around garage.

Great question, that can be very confusing. There are two things that may happen.

One, a bee swarm recently moved into the garage area (which doesnt sound likely in your case).
However if it was about evening when the bee activity went away, theres a good chance they moved in already; Caution a brand new swarm may have 2,000 to 9,000 bees!

Otherwise: Based on your short description, what you likely experienced is a party of scout honeybees that were looking for a suitable location to move the new swarm too. (very common for spring time)

It would be a good idea to not leave you garage open & unattended for a few days. Doing so, is typically enough to discourage the bees from hanging around the garage.

Kelly, it is probably not needed, but if you were extra concerned, you might consider applying some smell that bees dont like, or a pesticide around any large cracks of the garage that the bees could move in and out of (typically were the garage meets the floor is not necessary).

Thanks for visiting!

PS - if it does continue feel free to call the toll free number and ask for John as he services Orange County.

Sandy Hurst
No Topic
Winter Haven, FL

I have bees under my shed floor and neighbors are being threatened and would like them removed as would I

Jackie Stetina
Bees in ground
Portsmouth, VA


I recently tilled a section of my yard to create a vegetable garden. I tilled and raked the section several times two days ago. Today, I went to rake the area again and create my garden rows but there was one bee that hovered over one section of the garden. The entire time I attempted to rake the garden, the bee hovered closer to me and flew at me several times. Have I disturbed a nest? I checked your chart and it looks like a bumble bee.

Thank you and I am located in Portsmouth, VA.

tim schofield
Bees in wall
Scottsdale, AZ

the are gettig very agressive. I was sraying them outside and they began dive bombing me like in cartoons

Michelle Martinez
Bees in wall

Hello, I have been experiencing a few bees hanging around my trash can outside that we use to hold empty soda cans. We have a pile of wood next to this trash can also. Trash can has been in use for at least two yrs but the bees have only been present the past two weeks. We live on phx az. Is it the trash can that it attracting the bees?

Beekeeper:  Hi Michelle, What your experiencing is not to common, though it does happen. It is not so much the trash can that attracted the bees, but rather it is simply a place where the bees were able to make a home. You'll want to make sure any honey and comb are removes after and perhaps treat that area to suppress any sent that would attract another hive with time. For help with removing them or cost, you can call Nick he is near you, using the local number there or just use the toll free line. John

Bees in wall

Oh my goodness! an amazing article. Thank you! ;)

Bee removal questions

I never had a bee problem until 4 years ago one be came in the screen door to my house and tried to kill it but it got away, after that every day one bee came each day and kept killing them, and know each time I go outside from the screen door I always get only one pissed off bee hunting me down house is new I paid for it to be made to my choice so it's never had honey combs and I paid for the house to be inspected nada can it be that the bees left a pheromone in the screen door they come after me no matter the season

Bees in pond

Hi thanks for your info Our pool is too large to add vinegar to i spray they area with vinegar hoping to steer
them elsewhere How would I determine where theie hive is? Then put a water source close to the hive for them Would that steer them to that source not the pool very frustrated andrea

Cynthia Chang
Bees in wall

there is a bee colony in an outside wall. I can see a hole they are entering. I'm getting ready to completely remodel the entire house both inside and out. Should I call a beekeeper for extraction or a pest control person. I don't have a problem to opening up a wall...but want to know who should I call. Thanks

elisa nelson
Bees in wall

My husband found a bee looks to be honeybees in our outside wall by the roof it is next to our childrens window on the second story i was up stairs and found 2 bees killed them and found 3 more killed them and there were more after that and keep coming back .What should i do?

Beekeeper:  Hi Elisa,
Good question, in the case of honey bees it is usually very important to remove the hive in the wall to get rid of the bees.
Base on your location it is more common to experiance Hornets or Yellow jackets in fall season, though they may be honeybees (See bee identification chart). Typically it is best to have someone with experience remove them.
If you are outside of the city, feel free to reply back and include a picture or two as well as your phone number.

Gary Oberle
Bees in chimney
Denver co

We just noticed this week honeybees (a dozen at a time) entering at a loose brick in a capped and closed off chimney. Have tried spray to discourage them but 3 days now and seems no difference. We cannot dismantle this chimney to gain access. Any ideas?

Beekeeper:  Hi Gary, It sounds like you have an established hive, and it most likely requires the help of a professional. We should be able to give you a couple of options to take care of the problem. Our guy in Denver can swing by and check it out, just visit our Denver Colorado bee removal page and give the number a call.

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