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Welcome to Adkins Bees. It's not every day you have a bee problem! This page was created so you can get help with identifying and solving your bee problem. Use the submission form to upload pictures and get answers. Use the bee id chart to help with bee identification.

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Facts about Honey Bee Problems
Locating a bee problem
How to prevent bee problems
Africanized bees

Facts about Honeybee Problems
  • The odds of having a bee problem are perhaps once every 30 years.
  • If honeybees are removed without actually removing the honeycomb, you may end up with recurring bee problems. Most recurring honeybee problems are caused by someone exterminating the bee hive, and not removing the honeycomb.
  • Honeybees do not necessarily have to be killed in order to solve a bee problem.
  • A new bee swarm on a bush or tree are typically are resting & should migrate on within a few days.
  • Do flowers attract beehives? The amount of flowers, shrubs, or water on your property have nothing to do with getting a beehive!

Locating a bee problem
If the beehive is near a window or door way it is hard to miss. Most the time bees will build a hive in areas that take months to notice. Another common way a bee problem is discovered is by finding bees near the window. If the bees just showed up inside the house, your bee problem could be very minimal, you should address the problem right away. When you dicover bees in the house near the window, a good place to look is chimney tops, vents and eaves (near to were the bees are.) Solving a bee problem in the wall of a house, roof, or attic can be very difficult with established beehives. Call the bee hotline anytime.

Bee problems are not so bad
So you have a bee problem? Life could be worse!

How to prevent bee problems
Prevent recurring bee problems can be difficult. After many years of solving bee problems, the most important way to prevent future honeybee problems is to remove the actual beehive or nest; this is especially true for honeybees. If you have honeybees find a way to afford the cost of removing the bees, this will greatly reduce recurring bee problems on your property and other insect, rodent and critters. That involves removal of all the honey from the beehive, treating and suppressing the smell of the hive or any former bee hives, and then repairing and proofing the location.

In most cases, don't let the bees be exterminated without removing that honey! It is a typically great disservice to leave the beehive in the structure after killing or even extracting honey bees alive. You should find better prices from live removal of the bees. If your funds are limited, find a low cost bee company that will allow you to break up the payment, or that will trade services with you. US bee hotline. Sometimes it's better to leave the beehive alone then exterminate the bees & leaving the honey within the structure. Extracting bees alive may also cause the similar recurring problems if honey is left in the structural, wall, or roof.

Note: sealing honeybees within the structure is typically not a good idea.
For additional help on solving a bee problem based on the location of the hive, visit how to get rid of bees.

Africanized bees:
Often bees can be conditioned to be aggressive, especially if they are on ones property and are being harassed. For an in depth look at africanized bees visit the africanized honey bee page. View the spread of Africanized honey bees from Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and more. See -- honey bee  

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How to solve a bee problem

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