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How to find the right price or cost for bee removal can take some work. This is because it is not a common occurrence to get bees. It can take a little research along with perhaps a few free quotes.

For a bee hive or nest out doors (on a bush, tree, etc) the cost of removal should be minor.
For bees (bee id chart) that are in the structure (see bee removal from wall, roof, or eave) it is important to remove the honeycomb and often repair and do exclusion work (bee proof) which can effect cost.

June and July is the busiest season, you may find prices at that time a little higher. When a hive is new, getting rid of it sooner is often better.
You may find some companies reluctant to quote prices over phone, however if you ask them the cost 2 or 3 times in a row, you'll likely get enough information. If you're in a large metro area such as San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles, companies may prefer to quote over the phone do to traffic. Some companies will allow you to break up payments, if costs are large. The information and contacts provided on this site can help.

For honeybees in a structure, the lowest price may not always be the best choice. Example, having the location opened and the bees removed by one company and then having it repaired by a second company can increase the cost, and may includes no warranty if the bees return. Finding a company that provides both removal and repair can be a better choice because: 1) You have a warranty. 2) You deal with only one company. 3) The cost tends to be lower. 4) It is easier on your schedule. 5) The bees are less likely to return at a later time.

Consider including a picture of the bees for a price quote. This is especially good if your in a big city, not available, or you're not at the property.

Killing a beehive and leaving a beehive in your wall is typically a poor choice when it comes to cost for a home owner as bees and other critters are drawn back to the exhausted hive that will start leaking honey. Some beehives have up to a hundred pounds of honey. If your situation requires limited funds, try to find a bee remover that is willing to work a deal with you. If you have questions or need help in the US call our bee hotline. There may be several ways to approach removing the nest that could likely save on time and costs.

Instead of opening a structure, honeybees can be extracted out of a structure and followed afterwards by suppression and exclusion work, this process can be long. In the case of suppressing former hives, opening the structure can be more effective.

Most cities and counties do not provide bee removal services to private property, homes or businesses, especially if the bees are attached to the structure. If your bee problem is on private property and no funds are available, free bee removal may be your best option. You can also request service as a special need. For bees on City or County property you should be able to contact the city or county to have the problem resolved.

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