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Thank you, great pictures - it was hard to believe that was behind the walls.

I appreciate your time,

Thank you for doing a great job at my home. I appreciate you timely work manner and ability to come out on such short notice. Thank you.
Behzad Khorsand

Awesome !

We are very pleased with your work - I think if you advertise that you take digital pictures of the removal you will really appeal to the Gen X & Y demographic.


Hi John,
We are very happy with your help to remove the bee nest under our roof. It was a really unpleasant surprise to discover these invaders. Your quick response to our call for help made sure that they were effectively evicted and the area they had invaded was promptly restored to it's prior condition. We are now again happily pursuing our life with the whole house to ourselves.

Rune Johanson

John, thank you for the pictures. They were awesome! You did fantastic work!

Thank you,
We were very satisfied with your prompt, efficient service.
Jody Wilcox / Jean K Stephens

We were very satisfied with your work on our bee situation. It was amazing
to us how capable the two were who worked here and how well they described to
us what they were doing. The bees are gone, and their work in our closet
(where they had to cut in the wall) was also precise and neat. We were impressed
with the friendliness and courteousness they both projected. Yes we will
recommend them. i haven't checked the pictures yet but will immediately. Thank
you for sending them.
Sincerely Mrs. Wesley Marquart.

I am more than satisfied and I have already recommended you to some other people. Miguel was very nice and polite. Thank you.
Catherine Petrina

Dear Mr. Adkins: We were very satisfied with your company's attention to our bee problems. Both the gentlemen who came out - the first to assess the problem and the one who did the treatment of the bees, honeycombs, etc. - were professional and very nice. We would certainly recommend them to others. I (Joy Fleury) have already put your companys name & phone number on the recommended list of various trades people in my office
Sincerely, Joy and James Fleury

Thanks for the pictures. I will recommend you. -dale
Dale McNeill

Thank you for sending the photographs of the removal of the bee hive. I was not aware of the problems honey bees could cause to a structure before the experience of having a hive.

I was very pleased with the bee control Adkins provided. You were very informative and polite.

Thank you,
Ida Wartner

To the Adkins Bee company
I would like to thank you for the work performed by your very professional and skilled be removal/carpenter's. They did a great job in a timely manner and the area of work was very clean when finished. thank you very much -
Ed Simpson

What an amazing photo! Ugh!! Glad to be rid of those bees!
Rosemarie Bergdahl

You guys are incredible. From the moment I called everyone was on top of the problem and the service and knowledge about the problem I received was phenomenal. I actually called Monday morning (the removal was Saturday morning) to thank you guys for the professional work and the quick response. Miguel left everything as he found it. His ability to close everything up looking as it did when he started astounded me. Again, Thank You!!!!!!!!
Dr. Mel Cohen

Hi John,

Thank you for sending the bee pictures. Even though I wasn't thrilled with having bees take up residence, I was extremely pleased with your service. Your initial visit was scheduled quickly and once the problem was identified the quick resolution gave me a big comfort zone. The young man who came out and identified my problem and told me what could be done was knowledgeable and very friendly. Then he came back a few hours later and zapped the bees. The other person (sorry I don't remember his name) who came out to remove the bees and the honeycomb also was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone with bees!
Lynn Murray

T. Therriault


We can't thank you enough for the bee removal. We would recommend your services in a second to anyone.

Thanks Again
The White's

Abel was very professional, knowledgable and friendly. He did a great job. Thanks for the pics. Patti
Patti Sorich

To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for the photo of the colony just removed from under the roof. Let me take this opportunity to commend your employees for the excellent work they did, both in the removal and in the care they took with replacing the wood and caulking the remaining seams.

I am happy to provide a reference for them at any time.
Ruth Riedel

Dear John, Thanks for this and the pictures and I sent you an email yesterday telling you how satisfied we were with your service and that we would recommend you for bee hive removal.

Ramona & Peter LeGakes

Dear Mr. Adkins,

We were very happy with the service, and your employees were professional and kind. They went above and beyond what I expected of them; staying late into the evening to make sure all the bees were gone. I have three young children, two of whom have never been stung. I didn't want to find out if they were going to have an allergic reaction to a bee sting, and your guys went above and beyond my expectations to ensure my children's safety (unlike *** **** Bee Removal).

I had used *** **** in the past and they were fine, but when I called them for this last bee removal they were complete jerks. I will never use them again. I called them everyday for four days, and each time they said they would be here in the afternoon. Eventually the bees became fully established in my roof. They never did show up and when I called them about it the guy yelled at me as if it was my fault. Finally, I called your company, and they were here within a couple of hours. Your crew and customer service were wonderful, and my biggest mistake was not calling you right from the start.

It would have saved my a lot of money and frustration. From now on I will highly recommend your company. if you need me to recommend you, just call me.

Could you mail me some business cards so I can give them to anyone who asks me about bee removal? By the way, I don't think I ever thanked you personally, so here' a great big THANK YOU!!

Jill Sorge



Thanks for the good work!!

Thanks for the picture of the hive. If I was a science teacher I would use this in my class!
Also, thanks for the fast service in not only eliminating the bees, but doing such a fast job
on removing the nest, and replacing the dry wall to it's original look.
Chris Schafer

Thank you for forwarding the photos of the beehive your crew removed from
my garage. They did a great job and It would seems the bees are completely
gone. I was especially pleased with their excellent drywall repair and
clean up.
Micheal Seidel

Dear John,
Thank you for the pictures. My husband and I are amazed at the enormity of the honeycomb. People do not have any idea of how destructive a few little bees can be.
We appreciate your prompt attention to a matter that was important to us. Your employees were very professional, polite and extremely careful not to create or leave a mess. In fact, they did such a terrific job on the hole in the bedroom, that we cannot even tell you were here.

We consider this a learning experience and will certainly recommend your company to anyone who has a bee problem.
Georgia R. Ferrel


I am very satisfied with the bee removal from my house performed by your company. There has been no sign of bees in the area by my front door. The job was completed as scheduled and I returned home that evening to find everything cleaned up and complete. I especially appreciate it when a service company does something on time with minimal interruption to my daily work schedule. I also used Adkins' to remove bees from my chimney last year and would not hesitate to use you again (my neighborhood seems to attract bees!)

I will gladly recommend Adkins' to my friends.
Doug Capps

Thank you very much and I really appreciate your taking the time to answer all my questions. I am now a very satisfied customer!
Sam Macahilig

Thanks for the photos. Your men did an outstanding job!
I will recommend you to anyone who needs bee removal service.
Pat Hannifin

Sorry I did not respond sooner but had my computer with my grandson being updated. I want to let you know that the young man who came out the day I called was very nice and professional. The young man who came out the next day was exceptional. He was friendly and put up with the neighbors coming in to check it out. He did an excellent job and told us how happy he was to be working for your company because you let him do the job correctly! I would not hesitate to recommend your company but I hope we never have to call you again.
Patricia Tohir

Representatives of Adkins were extremely courteous and helpful. Removal of bee hive from my home was handled in an extremely timely and professional manner. I would highly recommend Adkins Bee Removal to others.

I want to thank you for your help. Everything was done very professionally. It was also very interesting seeing what damage the bees can do. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. Your price was the best out of four companies that I called. I also appreciate your honesty. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again.
Tina Cobabe

This is a wonderful resource! Thanks so much for all the material on this situation! I just called one of your specialists who will be coming out this week. What a pleasant professional person! I'm feeling a bit better all ready. Thank you!!
Gardengirl,Travis 78758

This is a great site. The information was very helpful and well orgainzed. Good review for any place in the Country. Thanks
Mary Boyle,Allegheny 15227

Honesty and Free Advise, that's Adkins Bee Removal. Thank you; I very much appreciate! I called and spoke with a guy named Jim Coppolla (NJ Bergen County); asked me all the right questions about the bees (quite a lot)by my windows in the house. He was honest and extremely nice to provide me free advice on how to rid of the bees. His shown knowledge and expertise on bees, impressive. Commendable.
Sue-z-q,Bergen 07652

This information was very helpful!
Thank you
Anonymous,Westchester 10502

I found the information provided answered all the questions I had about bees and honeycombs in the walls. Thank you for some good information!


We just had to remove a beehive and I had to get more data why the bees are coming back. The article gave me more data why it is so that was very good. Thank you.
Timea Hegedus,Maricopa 85018

environmentally friendly information
anniemcw,Franklin 43232


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