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Bee Removal

Welcome to Adkins Bee Removal. Providing options for live bee removal and relocation to both public and private organizations as well as to the general public. We work with beekeepers thoughout the US removing and relocating bees. Call our US bee removal hotline, it’s quick and easy to use! Feel free to give us a call locally anytime (703) 229-0351.

Services include bee removal from walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, trees and other odd places bees nest, with solutions for recurring bee problems. Bee removal can be dangerous and sometimes difficult; A few bees in the house or buzzing around the exterior, a vent, eave, or chimney is usually sign of a beehive. An established beehive may consist of 10,000 to 50,000 bees. An average beehive can have 25 to 100 lbs of honey and comb. Often, a bee exterminator is used to exterminate the bees, but the honeycomb is left in the wall. Removal of the honeycomb is the key to solving a bee problem and not creating bigger problems that require pest control for rodents and bugs, structural repair from melted honey, and more bee removal problems in the future.

If the bee colony has just appeared and is congregating outdoors, it is called a swarm. An average swarm may be about 5,000 bees and or about the size of a football kind of beard shaped. In the case of a swarm, it can be best to leave alone a day or two; bees will typically rest on a tree, bush, or an external structure for a few days before moving on. If the bees have not left within a few days, bee removal is the next option. If the bees are in your wall, attic, chimney, roof or an enclosed area, the sooner the problem is addressed the less honeycomb will typically need to removed.

Bee removal has changed quite a bit since the 1980's. Review a brief history of honey bee removal in the US, or read on to learn more about bee removal and how to solve your bee problem. An important part of solving a bee problem is to know what type of bees they are. Visit the Bee id chart to help identify the bee. You can include pics of the bee problem or get a free quote online. For selfhelp info and more about getting ride of bees, visit how to get rid of bees covering topics based on the location bee nest or the bee activity. (800) 900-9095. - Adkins Bees

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