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Free Bee Removal
Options for free bee removal based on location of the beehive, and the State you live in.

Free Bee Removal (non structural)   eg. bush / tree
Some counties within the US provide free bee removal when the bees are not attached to or in the structure of a house or building.

•  Private property
When bees are on private property, it is normally the homeowners responsibility, however In the U.S. some cities /counties provide free non structural bee removal from bushes, trees, or when the bees are out in the open. These are usually large cities were africanized bees exist. This policy likely stems from the efforts to stop what the media called killer bees from spreading though the Americas. Currently many beekeepers are preferring stronger bees due to harsher climate conditions.

Counties providing free no cost bee removal do not provide structural bee removal; bees attached to a home, building, or structure. See bees in wall to learn more of structural honey-bee removal.

•  Public property / City or State property
Throughout the U.S. bees on city & county property are handled by the city, county or state. Sometimes cities will contract this out to a private bee or pest company. Often a pest company is used if the city cannot find a live bee remover that holds the cities insurance requirements.

Use this free bee removal table below to check if your county provides free bee removal when on private property. Typically the city or county will kill the beehive. You can also tag your county to help others as to whether or not the county provides free bee removal.

Some beekeepers provide free live bee removal non-structurally. Free bee removal is less common in California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Free bee removal from beekeeper may be more common outside of big cities and depending on distance or convenience.

Free bee removal (Structural)   eg. roof / wall
The 70's and 80's had more hobbyist beekeepers, perhaps fewer cases aggressive bees and few honeybee diseases. It was much easier to find beekeepers that would collect bees for free. Removing honeybees from a house structure, building, barn or shed can take a larger amount of time and effort.
There are typically two types of free structural bee removal: Extraction, and Cut-out.

•  Extraction
Occasionally free bee removal by extraction is used to remove bees from a structure or void. Extraction is considered when the structure cannot be opened. Extraction is a lengthy two-step process, 1st extract thousands of bees, and 2nd extract the honey.

Extracting the existing beehive involves placing a contraption against the structure so the bees can exit and not re-enter. This process should not be tried by your self, it is difficult, takes time and can be dangerous to other people and animals.

If extracting the bees is successful, the second step is extracting the existing honey, this involves bringing in an established beehive and placing it near the opening of the structure. The beehive goes into the void and extracts the honey from any existing honeycombs.

It is typically less common to use the extraction method when bees are in or near a public area.

•  Cutout
Sometimes you might find a beekeeper that will perform free bee removal as a Cut-out. This requires cutting into the structure to remove the bees & leaving the structure open or exposed.

Often cutouts are sloppy. If the bees are in an barn, shed or non-critical area, this can be a nice option. When doing a Cut-out, the structure may not be opened in the most professional way, making repairs more complex if they are needed. This can be more expensive and without warrantee of returning bees, than using a bee removal specialist that repairs and provides warrantee.

If repairing the area, you will need structural supplies to match existing paneling, dry wall, plasterboard, roof tile.. depending on the area opened.

A bee specialist can typically open, remove, and repair the structure, without requiring additional supply costs and contractor rates. With a bee specialist, warrantee against bees returning is also typically provided, as bees often return to a structure if not removed & repaired properly. If you have questions or would like a quote, Request a callback to chat with a local live bee specialist near you.

Saving money
If your requiring both bee removal and repair of the structure, finding a bee specialist that does both the removal and repair can save money, time, and trouble. Regarding structural bee removal, although it may be possible in some states to find 'free bee removal' it can ultimately cost more, if you require the structure to be repaired.
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Special need free bee removal
If you have a special need or know someone that needs help and has limited resources, or has not found any other options to remove the bees, this site has a free & discounted bee removal special request form for such circumstances.

Reporting a bee problem
If there is a nearby building or house with a beehive problem, some cities/counties have a number you can report that to. Once reported, a city official may arrive or leave a letter to that address giving perhaps 30 days to remove the bees, or a fine is applied.

How to prevent bee hive on property
Most cities provide a safety list of what you can do to limit discourage beehives from moving onto the property, these list typically consists of keeping the property clean form harboring junk were bees can nest, keeping outside faucets from dripping, and keeping structures gaps & cracks sealed to prevent a beehive from entering. You may also find a list of what makes bees angry or what to avoid.

What usually isnt on that list is that the most common cause of recurring bees is from previous hive(s) that once lived within a structure, and the hive was likely exterminated and never cleaned out. In such a case, sealing the nearby caps and gaps and perhaps applying a fresh coat of paint can help very much. For beehives that had been exterminated within a year or two, opening the area, cleaning, & removing the exhausted hive would provide additional protection against recurring problems of honeybees, insects, & critters.

This how to get rid of bees page contains some helpful insight per location of the bees and Q&A per topic.

The amount of water, flowers, and or shrubbery on the property is unlikely to increase the chances of a beehive moving on to the property. Not removing honeycomb and the hive is the main reason bees return to structures.

Bees loudly buzzing on a bush or tree, kind of spread evenly all around the tree happens in late summer when most the other flowers /blooms have been exhausted. People can get intimidated, though these bees are not aggressive as thy are simply foraging the tree. The bee activity usually subsides within a few weeks.

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Counties providing free non-structural bee removal from private property.

Green - Provides free bee removal (non structurally)
Black - Does not provide free bee removal
Grey - Unconfirmed (citation needed)

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