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Bee Removal

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Bee Removal

Welcome to Adkins Bee Removal. Providing live bee removal and homeybee relocation to public and private organizations. Call the bee removal hotline, for help with your bee questions it’s quick and easy!

Live bee removal from walls, roofs, attics, chimneys, trees and more. Solutions for recurring bee problems. Bee removal can be dangerous and sometimes difficult; a few bees buzzing around the exterior or inside the house is usually sign of a beehive. An established beehive consists of thousands of bees with lots of honeycomb.

Sometimes a bee exterminator is used to exterminate the bees, honeycomb left in the wall can creating more problems, attracting rodents and bugs, melted honey damages, and recurring bee problems.

If the bee colony has just appeared and is congregating outdoors, it is called a swarm. An average swarm may be 5,000 bees and the size of a football or larger. Often bees rest on a tree, bush, or an external structure a few days before moving on.
If the bees have not left within a few days, bee removal is a good choice. If the bees are in your wall, attic, chimney, or an enclosed area, the sooner the problem is addressed the less honeycomb will typically need to removed.

For Self-help info covering bee removal topics based on the location of the bees nest visit How to get rid of bees. An important part of solving a bee problem is to know what type of bees they are, see the Bee id chart to help with identification. You can request a quick callback, or get info on free bee removal by location. Review a brief history of honey bee removal in the US.

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