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Vancouver BC Bee Removal

Welcome to Adkins Bee Removal Vancouver BC, bees are not allways a joy! This site was developed to help you learn about bee removal, and to support you in finding solutions to solving the problem. If you need immediate help and a direct connect to the Bee Guy in the field, call the bee removal hotline, it’s fast, free, and it's easy to use.

We spend most our time in servicing lower mainland, including Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound/Sea to Sky Corridor, Fraser Valley and Canyon, but can go to Vancouver Island and other parts of BC. We've been performing bee removal from walls, eaves, attics, and chimneys for many years and are expert at solving bee problems. This site can help you find a solution to your bee problem. If you are looking for prices, you can request a price quote here. We can provide same day service when occasion requires.

Removing bees can be dangerous, especially when dealing with angry bees. Often times just a small amount of bee activity can indicate there is a hive or nest of bees in the structure. A new swarm of honey bees has on average of 4,000-8,000 bees!

An essential part of bee removal is to remove the honeycomb, otherwise it may lead to recurring problems and structural damages.

To learn more about a specific bee removal problem visit our how to get rid of bees article for topic related help. Your feedback and requests are welcomed.