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Bluegrass Bee Removal, Louisville

Welcome to Bluegrass Bee Removal in Louisville, it's not every day you get honeybees! This site is developed to help you learn more about your bee problem. Removing an established honeybee colony (hive) can be difficult and dangerous. With many years of experience, we provide effective and professional chemical-free honeybee removal services as well as non-chemical eradication of wasps and hornets. Many companies that remove bees do not do effective clean-up or preventative work, others use toxic chemicals to control wasps and hornets, many pest & bee control companies may remove but don't do the work required to warranty and exclude them from returning, that is where we are different.

As you may know honeybees are in decline, our live honeybee removal service means honeybees can still provide much needed pollination and you will not be exposed to chemicals. Wasps and Hornets can be highly aggressive and dangerous in and around the home, using non chemical methods we will rid you of these stinging insects quickly and efficiently.

Here in Kentucky honeybees typically swarm during spring around May. A new swarm of honey bees may have 3000 to 6000 bees! New swarms can establish a hive in a few days once inside a structure.

Yellow jacket wasps and hornets are generally at their peak during late summer, nests can contain several hundred wasps. Visit our how to get rid of bees section for self-help information on honey bee removal. If you live in Louisville or in Central Kentucky or Southern Indiana and have questions, would like a quote or would like to schedule an appointment for our services, call us at (502) 694-1111 and reach us out in the field.

Bees indoors are usually a sign that there are either scout bees that are looking for a place to bring the hive, or that the honey bees have already moved to the structure. In Louisville and other areas of Kentucky bees can simply be using that area for a water source. If this is the case the bees should be non-aggressive.

We provide live bee removal in Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Request a call back, an online quote here, or give us a call. Feel free to browse pictures or bee removal testimonials for additional honeybee removal help. Sometimes a honey bee can be mistaken for a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket. If you need help with wasp or bee identification visit Adkins bee identification, for a helpful bee id guide. Thanks for visiting Adkins Bee Removal

Coverage area in kentucky & indiana (kentuckiana) include clark, bullitt, jeff, oak park, new albany, salem, scottsburg, corydon, brandenburg, crestwood, metro-so., southern indiana, Elizabethtown, Fern creek, Oldham, and Marion, County. Also presently serving Louisville, Clarksville, Shively, New Albany, Shawnee, and Oak Park.