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Welcome to Adkins Bee Removal, specializing in all types of bee removal. It is not every day you get bees! Removing bees can be difficult. Many companies that remove bees do not do effective clean-up or preventative work to keep the bees from returning, others use toxic chemicals to control wasps and hornets,that is where we are different.

Honeybees typically swarm during springtime and some in the fall. A new swarm of honey bees may have 5000 bees! New swarms can establish a hive very quickly once inside a structure.

Yellow jacket wasps and hornets are at their peak late in the summer, nests can be largest at that time. For specific self help details based on the location of the bees, visit the how to get rid of bees section for self-help information on bee removal. If you and have questions, would like a quote or would like to schedule an appointment, call us out in the field.

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Bees indoors are often a sign that bees have moved into the structure. We provide live bee removal and relocation services. Request an online quote here, or give us a call. Feel free to browse pictures or bee removal testimonials for additional honeybee removal help. If you just noticed bees on your bush or tree and there about the size of a football it may be a new swarm. Sometimes a honey bee can be mistaken for a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket. If you aren't sure what kind of bee it is, visit theIf you need help with wasp or bee identification visit Adkins bee identification chart, for a helpful bee id guide. Thanks for visiting Lexington Bee Removal.