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How to get rid of honeybees in pool, pond, waterfall, or fountain

In warm dry seasons of the year you may notice heavy bee activity around the pool, bees at your fountain, bees in a pond, or another water source, in some cases this can become a problem. Honey bees need water to make honey, bees prefer natural peaceful locations, but in hot months were some of these resources have dried up bees will seek out other sources. If you need to get rid of honey bees in this case, you have a few choices. One option for getting rid of bees coming to the swimming pool, or water source is to temporarily drain or empty the water, forcing the bees to find a new location and breaking their flight pattern. After a week or two, refill or turn the water back on.

If you cannot empty water in the pool, fountain, pond, or other source, you may choose to add vinegar to it. If it is a small body of water and there are no fish or animals living in it, adding vinegar should help to get rid of the bees. This will cause a disagreeable taste and encourage the honeybees once again to find a new water source.

If you cannot drain the water source, and if adding vinegar to the water, pool, pond, or other location is not an option, you can contact us for other options for getting rid of the bees. One way is tracking the bees, and relocating hive that has taking over your water source. Call the U.S. bee hotline to directly connected with a local bee guy.

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Bees in pond

Hi thanks for your info Our pool is too large to add vinegar to i spray they area with vinegar hoping to steer
them elsewhere How would I determine where theie hive is? Then put a water source close to the hive for them Would that steer them to that source not the pool very frustrated andrea

adam Harris
Bees in pond

I have a pool with a waterfall and I want to know how to get rid of the bees...I can't drain the pool and I cant put vinegar in ....what are some other options

Beekeeper:  Adam, We usually get a lot of calls and inquiries about bees around ponds, pools, and waterfalls when it hasn't rained for some time in a particular area during warmer months. Since it is still spring and not too hot, it is possible that there may be a bee hive nearby. If the waterfall is the culprit, it may be a good idea to turn it off during the daytime when the bees might normally come around. This would likely also break their habit and force them to seek an alternative water source. We do provide services for tracking down the location of the bee hive and removal of the hive, but they get expensive. Good luck!

Bees in pond
Richland, WA

I tried all the suggestions above unsuccessfully. I live near apple and cherry orchards and have an 8x8 jacuzzi with a hard top, seamed down the middle. What I found that does work is buying a 25 foot roll of screen door material from Home Depot or Lowes and rolling it over the seam, double thickness. Bees do not go around the edges and after a few days they are gone, off to some one else' pool or spa.

Beekeeper:  Nice, that's a great idea, thanks for sharing that Alan.

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