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Scouting bees
When bees are in the house up against the window it is common to think that bees came in through an open window or door. What has more likely happened is a bee Colony has moved in, or scout bees are looking to set up a new home. While inspecting the structure of a building or house, bees can get lost and end up inside the house.

Common areas that bees and wasps build nests include the chimney or the side of the chimney, vents, roof eaves, siding, and column supports. If a beehive has already moved into the structure of a building or house, bee activity in the house can also occur. While wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket activity is more common during autumn and winter season late in the year.

Bees on a window
Dead bees on a window sill

Bees getting in the house can cause home owners to panic and pay high prices to have emergency bee removal or bee extermination. No one wants bees in the house, and addressing the issue very soon, can be very important. Within one to three days, a brand new hive may have two or three sheets of honeycomb inside the structure each about the size of your hand. Honeycomb left in the structure can attract bees in the future if not removed and cleaned. It may not be a bad thing to find bees in the house, as it allows you to be aware of the problem. Typically bees in the house are fully non-aggressive, though stings may happen by accident, such as stepping on a bee.

If you can tell where the bees are coming and going from outside, or if they are high up and you have a pair of binoculars, observe the hive to see whether there is yellow pollen sacs on the back of the bees legs of the bees that are returning. If there is pollen on their legs, there is very likely a hive in the structure. The entrance of more established hives tends to be a darker shade from the bees landing repeatedly to enter the hive. Removing the bees and the honeycomb are the likely solution to solve a bee problem when they have moved in or are established. Mostly this can be done live relocating the bees without extermination.

If you do not have binoculars, a brave person that is comfortable with bees and perhaps not worried about getting stung can get close enough to the bees and observe the returning bees. If the returning bees have yellow sacs on the back of their legs, most experts would tell you to not try to solve the problem yourself, there is likely a hive inside the structure with thousands of bees that you’ll want to have removed.To learn more visit preventing a bee problem.

Established hive
If bees have been getting inside the house for quite some time, or if you have come home from vacation to find dead bees up against your windowsill, you most likely have a hive that has already moved in and should be removed. If you inspect along the eaves of your house, near wherever you think the bees may have entered, often the chimney bathroom vent, or the eave. If the activity is simply scout bees looking for a home (and appear to bee floating around a general vicinity as if inspecting or searching) a brave person may spray a small amount of pest spray. If after 15 minutes the activity continues, it is likely that there is an established hive or nest. In such a case were a beehive is established, it seldom if ever does you any good to try and discourage them by spraying water, wasp spray, lighting a fire, or any other method - this will typically aggravate the beehive and cause additional problems.

Do it yourself
Often a home owner will spray the bees (as mentioned in the help above) to eradicate or solve the bee problem themselves. Then in the evening, when the activity stops the home owner feels successful and believes they may have solved their problem, however the bees had simply retired for the evening. In the early morning, bees are often still sleeping or dormant. This can lead people to think the problem is solved. Learn more about do it yourself bee removal (DIY) and materials needed, cautions, and price options.

Best times to inspect for bee activity is day time from perhaps 10am to 4pm. Rain, extreme heat, or windy conditions can also keep the bees inside.

Sealing off the opening of the void to the bees entrance almost never works and may create additional long-term problems; causing the bees dig through the stucco, wood, or drywall and end up back outside, or often inside the house. In warm conditions, this also may cause honey to melt on structure, melted honey leads to additional problems with recurring bees, pests, possible staining and damages.

For questions use the comment form below, call the bee hotline to chat with a local nearby bee guy, or request a quote.

Wasps - in autumn and fall season hornets, wasps, and occasionally yellowjackets can end up inside the house. Late in season nest are at their largest, this can cause more of them to get inside the house by accident. There are some things to be careful of; large hornet nest above the ceiling can cause a wet spot to appear perhaps the size of a plate. This can become so deteriorated that pushing your finger up against it can pop right through to the hornet nest.

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Bees in house or on window
Mount Joy, PA

Hi I have a problem my mom was in the loundrey and i was with my dad I go to the kitchen and I come back to my room I saw a bee I say to y dad theres a bee in my room then my dad hit the hole where the bees are coming from then it was a lot of bees we dont know what to Do help me please

Bees in house or on window
Aliso Viejo, CA

2nd time this happened over the years. open the garage, leave it open for maybe 20 minutes, and i have a bunch of bees swarming?? when i close the garage, more are trying to get in. i opened and closed it a few times, and now maybe there's just one or two. what is the story?

Beekeeper:  Hi Kelly,
RE: Bees buzzing around garage.

Great question, that can be very confusing. There are two things that may happen.

One, a bee swarm recently moved into the garage area (which doesnt sound likely in your case).
However if it was about evening when the bee activity went away, theres a good chance they moved in already; Caution a brand new swarm may have 2,000 to 9,000 bees!

Otherwise: Based on your short description, what you likely experienced is a party of scout honeybees that were looking for a suitable location to move the new swarm too. (very common for spring time)

It would be a good idea to not leave you garage open & unattended for a few days. Doing so, is typically enough to discourage the bees from hanging around the garage.

Kelly, it is probably not needed, but if you were extra concerned, you might consider applying some smell that bees dont like, or a pesticide around any large cracks of the garage that the bees could move in and out of (typically were the garage meets the floor is not necessary).

Thanks for visiting!

PS - if it does continue feel free to call the toll free number and ask for John as he services Orange County.

Mary Fox
Bees in house or on window
San Antonio, Texas

What is the approximate cost to remove the bees? Really concerned as the bees are coming into the house from three different windows in the kitchen/dining area.
Thank you

Beekeeper:  Hi Mary, I am not sure what's going on with the information you've supplied. We have somebody in San Antonio that can come take a look at the problem and give you a proper estimate for a solution. Swing by our San Antonio bee removal page where you'll find our number. Usually when bees are getting into the house, it's because they're new, so time is of the essence, in this case.

Bees in house or on window
new orleans, la

Dying and or/injured bees are appearing in my kitchen/livingroom in my apartment from somewhere outside. Found many dead outside apartment, but on side of building. Most obvious entry possibly window air conditioner around the back of the building about 10 yards from A/C which is in kitchen wall. Is someone killing bees and why are they coming into my apartment to die? I'm stymied.

Beekeeper:  Carole, Bees getting into your house and dying in the window sill usually indicates that there is either a new swarm that has just moved in, or there are scout bees scoping out your home as a potential spot to build a hive. First, it helps to know where the bees are getting in from, so look around the house during the daytime and look for honey bees flying around or in/out of a hole or other gap, space, or entrance to your walls, attic, roof, etc. Also feel free to look through the bees in house or on window page for solutions and answers to common questions.

Bees in house or on window


I have all the windows closed so I dont know how they are getting in>>

Beekeeper:  Hey Paul, If you're getting a bee or two daily in your house or up against a window, you are either getting scout bees that are planning to move in, or a bee hive has already moved in. To locate the problem, look around the eaves, chimney, vents, and windows of your house (usually on the East facing side)... you may find your intruders there. If you need help getting rid of the bees, select your bee removal location and drop us a line.

pat newsom
Bees in house or on window
coolidge texas

i have had bees in my garage for 30 years,,we have called everyone and done everything!!!! please help us they are mean and sting you even you walk by,,they also will chase you down. i am 74 and am so tired of this...need help asap

Beekeeper:  Hello Pat, Yikes! 30 years! There must be enough honey in the garage to feed the whole town of Coolidge! Generally bees in the garage are less expensive to remove than if there are bees in the roof or attic. Give our Dallas bee removal expert a call, his name is Harold. Let him know you spoke with John. His phone number is here Dallas/Ft Worth bee removal page. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for stopping by.

Bees in house or on window
Tracy, CA

this afternoon i discovered a bunch of bees around and on the window, and I was wondering if there's another way to get rid of it then calling in. It is really disgusting and I want to get rid of it ASAP can you please help me find a way to do it mysel Thank You

Beekeeper:  Sara, if your certain the bee activity started today or yesterday it's possible that they are scout bees. If this is the case it's possible to get rid of the bees by taking a can of wasp spray and from the outside applying a layer on the outside of the structure where the bee activity is. (often this is an eave, vent, or chimney)
If after 10 to 20 min. the activity persists, then its likely there is already a hive inside. In that case to get rid of the bees its recommended to have the bees and any honeycombs removed to avoid future problems. This is best done by a bee removal specialist - goodluck Sara, - AdkinsBees - 877-723-5467

Lisa Clark
Bees in house or on window

I live in a condo and every few years the bee build a hive near the chimney. My association has sent out pest control. The bees are now coming in the house and my cat caught one and was stung on the mouth (requiring emergency vet visit). The pest control staff has been putting some kind of "powder" on it, but it seems ineffective, and the bee problem is just getting worse! Is it best to "gas" the bee hive? That sounds like the gold standard for treatment in the bee removal business. Please give me some advice to help me cut thru the association's laid-back attitude about nipping this problem in the bud once and for all!

Beekeeper:  Hi Lisa, Usually associations only deal with problems not attached to the house, I'm surprised they are providing you some options but that's good. The gold standard or the way to get rid of the bees for good, is actually removing the bees and honeycomb. Otherwise it often creates additional problems with rodents, moths, ants, and long-term bee problems as well as people and pets getting stung among other things. All which can get quite costly. While opening the area, removing the honeybees, repairing and bee proofing is more expensive initially, in the long run its generally much less costly. It's also recommended to use a company that provides the full service to make good on the bee warranty. - Hope this helps, - j. Adkins PS Your welcome to call or have your association call us. 877-723-5467

Bees in house or on window
Houston, texas

We had a contractor remove the bee hives in our wall above the kitchen window between the 1 and 2 floors. Before starting the project there where no bees inside or outside the home. After he removed the hives and honey from the wall, he put back the dry wall. Now it's a couple of weeks later and we found dead bees inside the house near the area where the hives was every time we enter the home(home is vacant). We looked around the home but there's no bees flying around the outside of the home. Please advise on what i need to do.

Beekeeper:  Hi Kim,
It's usually a good idea to have a bee specialist doing the removal repair work when you have honeybees inside the wall, as opposed to a carpenter or handyman that does not specialize in honeybee removal. This is probably the cause of why you are seeing bees near the windowsill. To answer your question, there could be a few things happening: there could be an additional hive, the areas could not be bee-proofed correctly, or perhaps the honey has not been removed correctly causing what is called robber bees to show up that are robbing the honey that is in the wall. These bees in the wall get lost and end up inside the house, near the window. One additional option is that there is still a portion of the bees that are still alive. You say you have looked around the home, but you are not seeing bees? A good time to inspect for bees, is during the hours of 11-3, and not while it's raining, windy, or snowing.
Hope this helps. Give me a call if you keep seeing bees in the house - 877-432-2337

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