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Bad smell coming from my wall

There are two common reasons a bad smell may occur where a beehive has been exterminated. Often the honey from the bee hive attracts rodents. Occasionally, bees will sting and kill the rodent that is trying to get the honey. If killed by the bees, this can cause a real bad smell that hangs around for quite some time. If you are not sure where the smell is coming from, consider plug outlets or vents and tape over the plug outlets and the vents.

The second cause for the bad smell from the bees would be if a homeowner, or someone in charge of the house, kills the bees and/or tries to seal up the opening, though when not killed by a professional this hardly ever kills the entire hive or nest. However, if a semi-effective kill has taken place, then most likely there are thousands of bees packed on top of each other, which can create this very foul or bad smell. This smell may last for several months while the bees decay.

Leaving a beehive in your wall is almost always the worst choice especially for home owners! Some be specialist should be willing to work something out with you. If you have questions or need help in the US or Canada, call the bee hotline or request a quote. Use the bee problem page to upload photos and get answers to your questions.

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