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Flagstaff Bee Removal

Adkins Bee Removal has specializes in the removal and relocation of honeybees - whether it is a swarm of bees hanging on a tree or bush, or a hive nested within the roof, wall, chimney, or other structural void. We now offer the same great service in Flagstaff, and other surrounding areas of Arizona.

We are specially equipped with the training and tools for an otherwise dangerous task, particularly if hybrid or Africanized honeybees are the target. While there are many home owners who search for do it yourself solutions to their bee problem, often they will neglect to remove the honeycomb and dead bees in their attempt to eradicate the honey bees. This is a key factor in whether or not the problem is resolved. If the structure is not cleaned out of all the bees and honeycomb, then often the area will continue to have reoccurring bee problems. Honey that is left in a wall, roof, chimney, or other structural void, can also attract rodents, moths, other insects, and future bees.

If you would like more information on the best ways to approach the removal of honeybees, call the numbers listed to speak to a live bee removal specialist or check out our how to get rid of bees page. We can provide you with solutions on removing and relocating your honeybees.