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How to stop honey from melting down my wall

If you have melted honey running down your the wall of your house or business, you either have an active bee hive and it's a very hot day, or a bee hive has been exterminated and now the honey is melting. In either case, you need to get rid of that honey and bees. If you do not get rid of the honey, you will end up with long term problems. A bee hive or exhausted bee hive tends to attract returning bees every year, as well as rodents. Here is some of our basic bee hive removal services we provide. Selling or buying a house after exterminating a beehive without removal of the beehive can lead to a legal problems.

Some time ago I spoke with a home owner that had purchased and installed a new AC unit in a very large house as the old one performed poorly. Once installed and running however, the AC still performed very poor. Upon inspecting the attic they realized that rats had eaten holes through the air ducts (I guess rats need AC too). The rats were initially attracted by a beehive that was exterminated and left in the attic. When you get rid of bees (preferably alive) be sure to get rid of the honey also. (Discuss this Article / Leave Feedback) Return to: How to get rid of bees


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