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Adkins Bee Removal is not currently providing honeybee removal services, or bee control in North Michigan.  However, your visit here helps Adkins see which areas people are looking for solutions for removing and relocating honeybees.  At Adkins Bee Removal, our focus is primarily removing honeybees from homes and businesses; then removing them from a variety of different structures including walls, roofs, eaves, chimneys, and other locations where honeybees build a home.  If you would like additional information about when we will be in your area, feel free to use the form below and we will respond, typically within two to three business days.   At Adkins Bee Removal, we are expanding every day into new areas across the United States. If any further information is needed you are welcome to give us a call or use the form below.

If you need information regarding how to get rid of bees or help with bee hive removal, visit our information center for help with your bee control.  For information on the spread of Africanized Bees in the U.S., visit us at our Aficanized Bee Removal page.

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