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When you purchase infrared pens by Adkins, all profits go to rescuing honeybees that are often killed with pesticides.In fall 2009 Adkins will be providing some options for free bee removal for the low income elderly. Most deaths related to honeybees are elderly people, and can often be avoided.

J. Adkins creates the first infrared pen for sale online at  The idea came about while browsing and watching the video of Johnny Lee who created very a low cost electronic white board hack that allowed you to give and save white board presentations.

This is made possible by using our infrared pen with a computer, projector, and a Nintendo Wiimote.  Prior to this, one would need to purchase or buy an expensive thousand dollar electronic white board to save, email, or print their presentations.  This new whiteboard hack with infrared light pen by Johnny Lee, is now being used effectively in business, classrooms, and schools throughout the world.


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