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Dead bees on the outside the my house

Dead bees along the outside of your house or building can be signs that a hive of bees is planning on moving in or has already moved in and are living in the wall, eave or attic. An established hive typically has 2,000 to 20,000 bees). In some cases upon observation you may also see dead or what look like sick bees on the ground or being carried out by one or two bees and dropped somewhere, or just the occasional bee stumbling out and dying.

Causes for dead bees outside of the house may include the following:

  1. A bee hive has recently split causing the swarm to travel and moved into the location. During the process, old or weak bees die along the way or sometime shortly after they arrive. These are often the dead bees you are seeing.
  2. Another cause for dead bees outside of the house or structure is that the beehive may have a disease which is affecting them, causing a percentage of them to die outside the house. Dead bees outside on the ground almost never means the problem will resolve itself.
  3. You might find dead bees near the front door of a house or the back porch. This is often caused by an automated porch light that comes on before dark, becoming brighter as the sun sets. A such, either this light is in the bees flight path on the way home, or a large tree is nearby with a lot of bee activity and at evening are drawn to your porch light loosing there way home; after which they buzz around it tell exhausted then die or appear lethargic by the porch. This is typically a sign that there is a bee hive attached to your house or nearby.
  4. A house or building typically may attract a beehive every 30 years or so; however if the building has a history of bee problems, bees can appear as often as every year. A reason for dead bees outside of the house is that when the hive and honeycombs are not removed the smell can attract bees regularly to that spot or a spot nearby. This also tends to attracted rodents, carpet beetles, and other critters. Removing a nest can be a critical part of solving a bee problem. For more information on bees on your house or building visit bees in wall. If you live in the US or Canada call the toll free bee helpline or request call back here.
  5. An unlikely cause for dead bees near the house or along the side of a structure may be caused by a recent fight with another beehive trying to steal honey. This can happen more often in winter when honey is scarce.
  6. See questions & answers below! - Ask the beeman



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dead bees on driveway

I have noticed within the last day or so, 50 to 75+ dead bees in my driveway. There is a large tree close by, but to the best of my knowledge, I can't see or hear any real activity in or around mine or my neighbor's house. Periodicaly, I can watch bees fall to the ground and die.

Beekeeper:  Shane, In this case, I'm not quite sure why you're seeing dead bees outside of your house. One reason a person may find dead bees lying on the ground is due to outside light at night. Are they dying right underneath a light fixture near or above the driveway? Reasons can vary for seeing dead bees outside of a house. You can find more information regarding dead bees outside of your home. Good luck, and if you need more help, call the Phoenix bee removal number (623) 505-1010

dead bees

I had my exterminator spray the area on my tile roof where there was a lot of bee activity. Still 2 weeks later there are a lot of dead bees falling to the ground. There are no live bees present. Do you think the problem is solved as long as we don't see any live ones hanging around? Thanks for your time...!

Beekeeper:  re: dead bees falling to the ground
Hi Carole,
How long had the honey bees been there before the exterminator sprayed? If the bees had been there a while then you'll want to remove the hive. There are thousands of bees in a new bee hive so yes the bees dying for two weeks can be normal especially if your exterminator used a duster which they commonly do, or a strong residual spray on the outside of the entrance. With the dust, as the bees move around they get the dust on them and it kills them with time, its not the recommended product to use, cause of its lack of ability to quick kill, but its cheep and pest control companies generally carry these dusters for application inside of walls and dead spaces for critters. It's also possible that several attempts may need to be made as the dusts main target is not honeybees, but crawling insects.
Carole, if the bees had just arrived within a day or two it's called a swarm; typically they'll put up a few sheets of honeycomb within the first 72 hours. If you're not sure how long they've been there and it's not an easy to notice spot, then I would highly recommend removing the honeycomb and remaining honeybees in the house wall or attic that have been killed. In this case we prefer to remove the bees alive as opposed to killing them. Hope this helps! Good luck and call if you need to.
John 877-723-5467

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