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Dead bees on the outside the my house

Dead bees along the outside of your house or business can be signs that a hive is planning on moving in, or that bees are living in the wall, eave or attic. In some cases upon observation you may also see dead or sick bees being carried out by one or two bees and dropped somewhere, or just the occasional bee stumbling out and dying.

There are several reasons why this may be happening, most of which involve a beehive living in or attached to the structure with typically a large hive inside (2,000 to 20,000 bees). Causes for dead bees outside of the house may include:

  1. A bee hive has recently split and a swarm has traveled and moved into this location. Because of difficulties involved with migration process, old or weak bees die along the way or sometime shortly after the bees arrive. These are often the dead bees you are seeing.
  2. Another cause for dead bees outside of the house or structure is that the beehive may have a disease which is affecting them, causing a small percentage to die outside the house. Dead bees on the ground outside of a home almost never means the problem will solve itself.
  3. You might find dead bees near the front door of a house or the back porch. This is often caused by an automated porch light that comes on before dark, becoming brighter as the sun sets; iether this light is in the bees flight path on the way home, or the bees working nearby are drawn to it loosing there way home, they buzz around it tell exhausted then dying by the porch. This is typically a sign that there is a bee hive nearby but not nessasarily in your structure.
  4. You may see dead bees on the ground as a house typically will end up with a beehive every 30 years or so. However if there were a prior bee nest that where killed and left in the roof, wall or eave, it is common to see returning bees somtimes once a year. If a hive was killed in the past, it may be that a chemical was dusted or pumped into the void (perhaps from a earlier bee extermination) were the hive was killed and left in the structure. This pesticide may cause you to see dead bees outside the house or building. For more information on bees near your house visit bees in wall. If you live in the US or Canada you may call the toll free bee helpline or request call back service here.
  5. An unlikely cause for dead bees near the house or along the side of a structure may be caused by a recent fight with another beehive trying to steal honey. This happens more often in winter when honey is scarce.
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