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Bees in my Basement

"How do I get rid of bees in my basement?" Those bees may actual by hornets, wasps or yellow jackets; An important part of solving the problem is generally to identify the bees or wasps (see the wasp id chart). Next is locating the nest, sometimes honeybees take up residency in the basement, in either case you should be able to spot the activity from the outside, and see where the bees are going into the basement. The nest may be inside the wall or ceiling of the basement.

If bees are getting into the basement by accident this can be due to a light attached to the ceiling which tends to glow partially into or above the ceiling void. In this case you will find more activity inside when the light in the basement is left on. If they are honeybees, removing the bee nest is important to solving the problem, otherwise you tend to end up with recurring bee problems in addition to attracting other critters to your basement. Learning more about how to get rid of bees in the wall can help with some dos and don'ts, as well as tips for solving your bee problem.

In the case of honey bees most people will recommend calling a beekeeper to come remove the bees in your basement. To connect with a bee remover call the US bee removal hotline. To learn more about the equipment and processes of removing honeybees stop by here. - Adkinsbees
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