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Beekeepers, bring us your empty boxes, we'll fill them with bees!

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For Beekeepers who want free honey bees

If you are a beekeeper and want free honey bees, you can bring us your empty boxes, and we will give them back to you full of bees and honey at no charge. // If you'r a beekeeper that performs cut-outs visit us here.

Adkins started as a small ma & pa website. Our focus is bee removal and relocation. We currently work with many beekeepers that want free bee hives. We are often in need of beekeepers across the US and Canada to give the bees to once we remove them. We do not charge for this service. If you’re a beekeeper in need of bees or bee hives, and you meet the below recommendation use the signup form to start receiving free bees.

Beekeeper Requirements:

You can support live bee removal by adding a link from your website to a local county page (see top left).

Free Bees Signup

US Service Areas
Service areas for bee removal include California San Diego, Los Angeles LA, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Bay area San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento. Atlanta ATL, Florida, Miami, Dade County, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach. Tampa, St Petersburg, Jacksonville, Orlando. Denver Colorado, Portland Oregon, Seattle. New York NYC, Maryland Baltimore, Washington DC. Pennsylvania Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Columbus, Chicago Texas Houston, Fort Worth, DFW, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Arizona Phoenix, Tucson, WA, MN, IA, MO, KS, OK, GA, TN, OH, IL, WI, MI, IN, OH, VA. In Canada areas include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver BC. For areas not listed call to check availibility.

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